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International Summer School 2023 online!!


Time: Aug. 10th to 23rd, 2023

Theme: Environment, Food and Health

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Time for Session A: July 25th to Aug. 6th, 2023

Time for Session B: Aug. 8th to 20th, 2023

Theme: Global Leadership and Sustainable Development

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Time: July 28th to Aug. 13th, 2023

Theme: Sustainable Development and Management for Lowland Enviromental Resilience


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Time: July 6th to 25th, 2023

Theme: Global Vision, Asia Connection       

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International Pioneer Camp

IPC in Taiwan (第五屆國際領航員台灣營隊)

主題:創意與行銷 Creativity and Marketing

時間:July 6th to 19th, 2023