International School by Taiwan Comprehensive University System.                                

2023 TCUS ISS Programs

2023 International Summer School (ISS)

Supported by Taiwan Comprehensive University System (TCUS)

Highlights of the Program: 

 4 Subjects x 4 Campuses x 5 Sessions

 *Taught in English  
 *Global Faculty 

NCHU--Environment, Food and Health



 * Academic Courses 
 *Students from all over the world 

CCU--Global Leadership and Sustainable Development


Session A:2023/07/25~08/06

Session B:2023/08/08~08/20


 *With Chinese language and cultural activities
 *Field trips to experience local culture

NCKU--Sustainable Development and

      Management for Lowland Environmental Resilience




 *Cross-discipline courses

NSYSU--Global Vision, Asia Connection




  The organizers reserve the right to change specifications.