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What is Taiwan Comprehensive University System?


About the Global College

Taiwan Comprehensive University System (TCUS) is a distinguished university alliances in Taiwan, consisting of 4 outstanding national universities in the middle and southern part of this island; namely, National Sun Yat-sen University (NSYSU), National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), National Chung Cheng University (CCU), and National Chung Hsing University (NCHU). All of the four universities are research-oriented and excellent in different aspects of research.


    The cooperation of the members of TCUS not only facilitates the integration of teaching and research resources between these universities, but also maximizes the benefits to students and faculty. Students who enroll in any university of TCUS can take courses, participate in activities and lectures, borrow books, and enjoy all the advantages from 4 universities. With such abundant resources, TCUS is definitely your best choice.


Based on the foundation purpose of TCUS system, the preparatory office of TCUS Global College has been established and has the mission to integrate services related to international students of the four universities: organizing common student activities, promoting together student recruitment, sharing teaching and research resources, etc. Under this strategic alliance, TCUS Global College aims at developing outstanding teaching and research outcomes benefiting TCUS members. The preparatory office is directed by Dr., Sy-Sang Liaw, dean of the Office of International Affairs in National Chung Hsing University.

    International Summer School 2015 is a promosing project orgranzed by TCUS Global Collge. You will enjoy High Technology and enjoy High Tradition in Taiwan.



Team Members for International Summer School





Dean at the office of International Affairs, National Chung Hsing University:

Jane Lu

Deputy Dean at the office of International Affairs, National Chung Hsing University:

Li-Hsien Chien

Shin-Yi Yang


Siou-Ling Cheng