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How to go to CCU?




How can I get to National Chung Cheng University?

Getting to National Chung Cheng University (CCU)

From Taoyuan International Airport, one can choose from the following two public transportation systems: HSR - High Speed Rail (bullet train) or highway bus. If neither one is available - e.g. late arrival at midnight when neither HSR nor bus is in service - you can always take the taxi to CCU as the last resort, which would be much more expensive than either the HSR or the bus.

The complete route and cost of different options are summarized as below:

1. THSR (Recommended): about NTD$ 970 (Taoyuan → Chiayi)

For ticket information, please see


2.  Train 

You can buy the ticket directly from the ticket online previously and remember to get your ticket 30 minutes in advance before departure time.Check out Taiwan Railway Administration for more information:

After arriving Chiayi Station, you can take City bus 7309 or 7306 from Chiayi station to CCU. 

Chiayi County Bus Timetable: BUS 7309 and BUS 7306


3. Lonng-Distance Buses: Cheaper but more time-consuming

Take the bus to Taipei station(around an hour). After arriving at the Taipei station, you can take King Bus (國光客運) from Taipei to Chiayi(around 3.5 hours). The Taipei-to-Chiayi bus runs every half an hour.

King Bus timetable (From Taipei station to Chiayi City)

Or you can take Solar Bus (日統客運) at No.11, Sec.2, Zhongxiao W. Rd. It takes 3.5hrs from Taipei to CCU.

Solar Bus timetable (From Taipei to CCU)


After arriving at the Taoyuan Intermational Airport, you can take bus from the airport to Taichung station(around 2 hrs), and then take Taichung Bus directly to CCU Student Activity Center(around 1.5 hours).

Taichung Bus timetable (From Taichung Station to CCU) 

Taichung Bus fee




Transportaion by THSR

Transportation by Long-Distance Buses