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Online application and payment all course will be start from 22th February 2016.

International Summer School


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 NCHU: Environment, Food and Health

       2016/08/09 Tue. ~ 08/23 Tue.

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CCU: Global Leadership and Sustainable Development

              Session A:2016/07/25 Mon. ~ 08/07 Sun.

              Session B:2016/08/08 Mon. ~ 08/21 Sun.

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NCKU: Sustainable Development and Eco-friendly Technology

              2016/07/26 Tue. ~ 08/17 Wed.

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NSYSU: Global Vision, Asia Connection       

              2016/07/06 Wed. ~ 07/25  Mon.

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International Pioneer Camp

    國內營隊第五屆 │ 海外營隊第三屆    


IPC in Taiwan (國際領航員台灣營隊)



IPC Abroad (國際領航員海外營隊)

2016年 Comming Soon 

2014年 & 2015年暑假

德國卡爾斯魯厄應用科技大學 Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences  



英國華威大學 Univeristy of Warwick